When we first discovered this piece of property in 1991, we immediately fell in love with the unusual setting and its natural beauty. However, it took a few days of camping on the land to truly become aware of how special and unique it really is. Another discovery over time was the fact, that we seem to be situated within our own micro climate, and many times, when heavy fog settles at the coast, we seem to get sunshine, while just 1000 feet away fog is blocking the sun. The tidal changes every 12 hours are a lure to a large variety of birds and waterfowl, all of which can be observed unobstructed at leisure from any one of 4 covered balconies.

On the North side of our private and gated road is a large pond with a beautiful stand of coastal spruce trees, and this area is a nesting site to the elusive blue heron. On occasion, one might get to witness 20 of them flying off within seconds. Mostly, they are solitary birds and can be observed at all times of the day around the property and in the waters of Drift Creek, motionless stalking small fish. Because of the large variety of birdlife, we named the property 'WINGED SANCTUARY'.

But, if observant, almost daily, one also gets to see several deer grazing and playing in the wildflowers, sometimes within a few feet of the house. Also, an otter has been seen climbing the steps to the garage patio, making its way to the pond.

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